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Chapter 3. Academic Volunteers And Mentors

Article 1. General Provisions

Ca Codes (gov:96100-96101) Government Code Section 96100-96101

96100. This act shall be known, and may be cited, as the "California Academic Volunteer and Mentor Service Act of 1992."

96101. The Legislature finds and declares all of the following: (a) Every California child is encouraged to have a caring adult who, along with parents and teachers, is able to offer support, friendship, encouragement, and motivation to help the child excel academically and lead a productive life. (b) As a society, we look to a child's family to provide a supportive home environment and realize that the primary responsibility for childrearing must remain with the family. However, we are keenly aware of increases in child abuse and neglect, the escalation of drug and alcohol abuse, and that many children who could excel in school are not receiving all the help and support they need to succeed. (c) Untapped human resources exist in local communities throughout the state that can provide many children with an additional caring person, in support of the family and school system, to volunteer as a positive academic role model or mentor. These individuals will help those children progress in school and help direct and reinforce the many opportunities that will further enhance each child's life. (d) The private sector throughout California should be commended for its generous financial support of public schools. Now there is another significant contribution they can and must make to California' s children and youth-- the investment of human capital in our children's future as academic volunteers and mentors. (e) Programs such as the 100 Black Men, which provides encouragement and support to children through the use of mentors, have resulted in significant increases in graduation rates at the secondary level and in much improved enrollment rates in postsecondary education for some of our most vulnerable youth. (f) Local, regional, and statewide resource referral systems must be established to more efficiently link children and potential academic volunteers and mentors with existing programs and organizations. (g) Volunteer and mentor service must be encouraged and appropriately recognized.

Article 2. Administration

Ca Codes (gov:96102) Government Code Section 96102

96102. In order to develop a statewide strategy to provide academic support and guidance to each child who requires it, there is hereby created the Academic Volunteer and Mentor Service Program, to be administered by the office of the Governor. The Governor shall do all of the following: (a) Develop a statewide plan with the goal of matching every child who needs one with an academic mentor. For purposes of this chapter, "academic mentor" or "academic volunteer and mentor" means a volunteer who, as a participant in a local project funded under this chapter, supports the needs of the individual child with whom the volunteer is matched, including, but not limited to, strengthening the child's academic preparation and achievement. (b) Develop state standards for the operation of local projects for the provision of academic volunteer and mentor services. (c) Develop a system for funding school districts and county superintendents of schools. These procedures shall be based on local need, including, but not limited to, all of the following indicators: (1) Size of schoolage population. (2) School dropout rates. (3) Pupil achievement. (d) Develop and implement a statewide public awareness and recruitment campaign for academic mentors. (e) Develop and implement a strategy to encourage and promote state employees to become academic mentors within their community. (f) Compile a statewide resource directory of successful academic mentor programs and organizations.

Article 3. Local Planning Councils

Article 4. Local Projects

Ca Codes (gov:96109-96110) Government Code Section 96109-96110

96109. (a) The office of the Governor shall award grants to school districts and county superintendents of schools to administer the academic volunteer and mentor service program within the jurisdiction of each school district and county superintendents of schools to which a grant is awarded. (b) Grant funding awarded under this chapter shall be expended exclusively for the recruitment, screening, training, and placement of academic mentors in accordance with the purposes of this chapter, and for evaluation of the program established in this chapter. Each entity receiving grant funding under this chapter shall consult, and cooperate with, any teacher in whose classroom it is proposed that an academic mentor be placed. (c) No funds appropriated for the purposes of this chapter shall be allocated to any private school. (d) No displacement of any certificated or classified school employee shall occur as a result of the use of any academic mentor pursuant to this chapter.

96110. (a) Any school district or county superintendents of schools desiring a grant under this article shall submit an application at the time, in the manner, and with the information that the office of the Governor may require. No funding shall be made available to any entity pursuant to this chapter unless all of the following conditions apply: (1) The project facility and services are open to children without regard to any child's religious beliefs or any other factor related to religion. (2) No religious instruction is included in the project. (3) The space in which the project is operated is not utilized in any manner to foster religion during the time used for the project. (b) Each application shall include all of the following: (1) A description of activities for which assistance is requested. (2) A list of coapplicants, if any. (3) The number of children expected to be served. (4) A statement of goals of the program to be supported by the grant. (5) A statement of the applicant's experience in the recruitment, placement, and training of volunteers and mentors. School districts and county superintendents of schools may contract with nonprofit organizations, experienced in operating volunteer mentor projects, for program operations. (6) A statement of how the applicant intends to recruit, screen, train, and place academic mentors. (7) A statement of how the entity will ensure that (A) academic volunteers and mentors will be required to undergo the same criminal and health checks that school employees are subject to prior to employment, and (B) no displacement of existing school employees will occur as a result of the use of academic volunteers and mentors. (8) A statement of the efforts the applicant will make to maximize the use of existing state, federal, and local funds from both public and private sources for the purposes of the project. (9) A plan for integration of the applicant's efforts with other community-based children's services. (c) Each recipient of grant funding under this chapter shall comply with the standards developed by the office of the Governor pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 96102.

Article 5. Governor's Award For Outstanding Academic Volunteer And Mentor Service

Ca Codes (gov:96111-96112) Government Code Section 96111-96112

96111. Outstanding academic volunteer and mentor service should be encouraged and recognized. For that purpose, the Governor is authorized to provide an award to recognize outstanding academic volunteer or mentor service in the schools for the 1993-94 fiscal year and for each subsequent fiscal year. The award shall be called the Governor's Award for Excellence in Academic Volunteer and Mentor Service.

96112. Each local planning council may nominate, to be considered for the Governor's Award for Excellence in Academic Volunteer and Mentor Service, an individual or individual program that has had significant and positive impact upon the lives of children. A local planning council desiring to submit a nomination for consideration shall submit to the office of the Governor the name of the individual or organization and the reasons for the nomination, for consideration on or before January 1 of each year.

Article 6. Funding

Ca Codes (gov:96114) Government Code Section 96114

96114. (a) It is the intent of the Legislature that funding for purposes of this chapter be appropriated in the annual Budget Act. (b) Of any amount appropriated for the purposes of this chapter for any fiscal year, an amount not exceeding five percent may be applied to the administrative expenses of the office of the Governor with regard to this chapter. To the extent that the amount made available pursuant to this subdivision is not sufficient to meet those administrative expenses, the responsibilities of the office of the Governor under this chapter shall be performed, to the extent feasible, with funding from other available sources.

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