Law:Title 12.3. Siskiyou Railroad Authority (California)

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Ca Codes (gov:93100-93110) Government Code Section 93100-93110

93100. This title shall be known and may be cited as the Siskiyou Railroad Authority Act.

93102. As used in this title, "authority" means the Siskiyou Railroad Authority.

93103. The authority is hereby created within the County of Siskiyou.

93104. The authority shall be governed by a board of five directors, three appointed by the board of supervisors of the County of Siskiyou, one of whom shall be a resident of the community of McCloud, and two appointed by the City Council of the City of Mount Shasta. Members of the board of supervisors and the city council may be appointed to and serve on the board of directors of the authority.

93105. The authority may do any of the following: (a) Acquire, own, operate, and lease real and personal property directly related to the operation and maintenance of railroads. (b) Acquire property by purchase, lease, or gift. (c) Operate railroads. (d) Accept grants or loans from state or federal agencies. (e) Select a franchisee, which may be a public or private entity, to acquire or operate a rail transportation system within the area of the authority's jurisdiction.

93107. The authority may prepare a plan for the acquisition and operation of a railroad line, at no expense to the state.

93108. After preparation of a plan pursuant to Section 93107, the authority may do any of the following: (a) Conduct engineering and other studies related to the acquisition of any railroad line. (b) Evaluate alternative plans from the private sector to acquire, finance, and operate a railroad system. (c) Establish criteria for the award of a franchise. (d) Select a franchisee to acquire, finance, and operate the railroad system. (e) Accept grants, gifts, fees, or allocations from other entities, including private and public sources. (f) Employ an executive officer, other staff, and consultants deemed appropriate for support of the activities of the authority. (g) Establish rates, rentals, charges, and classifications of transportation services operated by, and for, the authority.

93110. The state is not liable for any contracts, debts, or other obligations of the authority.

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