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U.S.C. Title 2 - THE CONGRESS2 U.S.C. United States Code, 2010 EditionTitle 2 - THE CONGRESSFrom the U.S. Government Printing Office,


Chap.Sec.1.Election of Senators and Representatives12.Organization of Congress213.Compensation and Allowances of Members314.Officers and Employees of Senate and House of Representatives605.Library of Congress1316.Congressional and Committee Procedure; Investigations1907.Contested Elections (Repealed)2018.Federal Corrupt Practices (Repealed)2418A.Regulation of Lobbying (Repealed)2619.Office of Legislative Counsel2719A.Office of Law Revision Counsel2859B.Legislative Classification Office (Repealed)2869C.Office of Parliamentarian of House of Representatives2879D.Office of Senate Legal Counsel28810.Classification of Employees of House of Representatives29110A.Payroll Administration in House of Representatives33111.Citizens’ Commission on Public Service and Compensation35112.Contested Elections38113.Joint Committee on Congressional Operations (Repealed)41114.Federal Election Campaigns43115.Office of Technology Assessment47116.Congressional Mailing Standards50117.Congressional Budget Office60117A.Congressional Budget and Fiscal Operations62117B.Impoundment Control68118.Legislative Personnel Financial Disclosure Requirements (Transferred)70119.Congressional Award Program80119A.John Heinz Competitive Excellence Award83120.Emergency Powers To Eliminate Budget Deficits90020A.Statutory Pay-as-You-Go93121.Civic Achievement Award Program in Honor of Office of Speaker of House of Representatives (Repealed)100122.John C. Stennis Center for Public Service Training and Development110122A.Open World Leadership Center115122B.Hunger Fellowship Program116123.Government Employee Rights (Transferred or Repealed)120124.Congressional Accountability130125.Unfunded Mandates Reform150126.Disclosure of Lobbying Activities160127.Sound Recording Preservation by the Library of Congress170128.Architect of the Capitol180129.Capitol Police190130.Operation and Maintenance of Capitol Complex200131.Capitol Visitor Center2201

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