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R.s.c., 1985, c. P-17

An Act to provide for the rehabilitation of drought and soil drifting areas in the Provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta

Short title

1. This Act may be cited as the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Act.

R.S., c. P-17, s. 1.

Definition of "Minister"

2. In this Act, “Minister” means such member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada as is designated by the Governor in Council as the Minister for the purposes of this Act.

R.S., c. P-17, s. 2; SI/83-60; 1980-81-82-83, c. 167, s. 34.

Advisory committees

3. (1) The Governor in Council may establish one or more advisory committees to be known as Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Committees, the members of which hold office during pleasure.


(2) One of the members of each advisory committee shall be appointed chairman thereof by the Minister.

R.S., c. P-17, s. 3.

Duties of committees

4. The advisory committees established pursuant to subsection 3(1) shall consider and advise the Minister as to the best methods to be adopted to secure the rehabilitation of the drought and soil drifting areas in the Provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, and to develop and promote within those areas systems of farm practice, tree culture, water supply, land utilization and land settlement that will afford greater economic security, and to make such representations thereon to the Minister as the advisory committees may deem expedient.

R.S., c. P-17, s. 4.

Payments of actual expenses

5. No member of an advisory committee shall receive any payment or emolument for his services, but he shall be repaid all actual reasonable travel or other expenses in connection with the work of the advisory committee.

R.S., c. P-17, s. 5.


6. (1) All engineers, clerks and stenographers required for the carrying out of this Act shall be appointed in accordance with the provisions of the Public Service Employment Act.

Director, Associate Director and certain other employees

(2) The Minister may appoint a Director of Rehabilitation, an Associate Director of Rehabilitation and all other officers and employees required for the carrying out of this Act, except those mentioned in subsection (1), but the salaries and expenses of all persons appointed by the Minister under this subsection shall be fixed by the Governor in Council.

R.S., c. P-17, s. 6.


7. The Governor in Council may make such regulations as may be necessary or expedient for the effectual execution and working of this Act and the attainment of the intention and objects thereof.

R.S., c. P-17, s. 7.


8. For the purposes of this Act, the Governor in Council may from time to time authorize the expenditure of sums not exceeding the amount appropriated by Parliament in each year for those purposes.

R.S., c. P-17, s. 8.

Powers of Minister

9. (1) The Minister may

(a) subject to section 4, undertake the development, construction, promotion, operation and maintenance of any project or scheme under or by virtue of this Act, or enter into agreements with any province, municipality or person with respect thereto; and

(b) pay all necessary administrative expenses incurred under this Act and all necessary travel and living expenses incurred by officials or employees in the performance of their duties.


(2) No single project or scheme under subsection (1) involving an expenditure in excess of fifteen thousand dollars in any fiscal year shall be undertaken without the consent of the Treasury Board.

R.S., c. P-17, s. 9.

Annual report

10. The Minister shall annually lay before Parliament a report of all proceedings under this Act for the preceding fiscal year.

R.S., c. P-17, s. 10.

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