Law:Financial Institutions and Deposit Insurance System Amendment Act

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R.s.c., 1985, c. 18 (3rd Supp.)

An Act respecting financial institutions and the deposit insurance system

(1987, c. 23, assented to 30th June, 1987)


Short Title

Short title

1. This Act may be cited as the Financial Institutions and Deposit Insurance System Amendment Act.

Part I

2. to 46. (See Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Act)

Part Ii. Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act

47. to 73. (Amendments)

Part Iii. Bank Act

74. to 84. (Amendments)

Part Iv. Bank Of Canada Act

85. (Amendment)

Part V. Cooperative Credit Associations Act

86. to 101. (Amendments)

Part Vi. Canadian And British Insurance Companies Act

102. to 123. (Amendments)

Part Vii. Foreign Insurance Companies Act

124. to 136. (Amendments)

Part Viii. Investment Companies Act

137. to 142. (Amendments)

Part Ix. Loan Companies Act

143. to 158. (Amendments)

Part X. Trust Companies Act

159. to 173. (Amendments)

Coming Into Force

Coming into force

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