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R.s.c., 1985, c. U-3

An Act respecting aid by United States wreckers in Canadian waters

Short title

1. This Act may be cited as the United States Wreckers Act.

R.S., c. U-4, s. 1.

Privilege granted

2. United States vessels and wrecking appliances may salve any property wrecked, and may render aid and assistance including all necessary towing incident thereto to any vessels wrecked, disabled or in distress, in the waters of Canada contiguous to the United States.

R.S., c. U-4, s. 2.

Customs and coasting laws

3. Nothing in the customs or coasting laws of Canada restricts the salving operations of the vessels or wrecking appliances referred to in section 2.

R.S., c. U-4, s. 3.

Duration of Act

4. This Act ceases to be in force on a date to be fixed in a proclamation of the Governor General, which may be issued after the Governor General is advised that the reciprocal privilege with respect to Canadian vessels or wrecking appliances salving any property wrecked or aiding any vessels wrecked, disabled or distressed in United States waters contiguous to Canada has been withdrawn, revoked or rendered inoperative.

R.S., c. U-4, s. 4.

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