Law:Title 14. California Early Intervention Services Act (California)

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Chapter 1. General Provisions And Definitions

Article 1. General Provisions

Ca Codes (gov:95000-95004.duplicate) Government Code Section 95000-95004

95000. The Legislature finds that disabled and high-risk infants now survive the newborn period due to greatly improved surgical and medical care services. However, in many communities, services that provide the careful nurturing and stimulation that these infants need to develop to their potential are not available. The Legislature hereby finds and declares that individualized early intervention services for infants who are at high risk or who have a disabling condition, and for their families, which provide educational, developmental, health, and social services with active parent involvement, can significantly reduce the potential impact of many disabling conditions and positively influence later development when the child reaches school age. The Legislature further finds that infants have unique needs and therefore require both a unique service delivery model, which may be different from any system currently in place in California, and unique program and personnel standards specific to the needs of infants who are at high risk or who have a disabling condition and their families. The Legislature further acknowledges that early intervention services are cost effective in that these services frequently make productive citizens of children and eliminate the far greater costs of long-term remedial treatment for, and unnecessary lifelong dependency on, others.

95002. It is the intent of the Legislature that those agencies which possess the greatest expertise in providing early intervention services to infants and their families in the past continue to provide these services. It is the further intent of the Legislature that existing early intervention services rendered by state and local public agencies and private agencies be coordinated and maximized through interagency services with specific state and local government responsibilities.

95003. It is the intent of the Legislature that the State Department of Health Services, the State Department of Developmental Services, the State Department of Mental Health, the State Department of Social Services, and the State Department of Education work together to provide coordinated, interagency services to high-risk and disabled infants and their families.

95004. This title shall become operative upon the repeal of Title 14 (commencing with Section 95000) as added by Section 2 of Chapter 945 of the Statutes of 1993.

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