Law:An Act to amend, enact and repeal certain laws relating to financial institutions

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S.c. 1996, c. 6

Assented to 1996-05-29

An Act to amend, enact and repeal certain laws relating to financial institutions

Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:


Bank Act

1. to 20. (Amendments)

Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act

21. to 47. (Amendments)

An Act To Amend The Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act And To Amend Other Acts In Consequence Thereof

48. (Amendment)

Cooperative Credit Associations Act

49. to 65. (Amendments)

Insurance Companies Act

66. to 103. (Amendments)

Office Of The Superintendent Of Financial Institutions Act

104. to 111. (Amendments)

Trust And Loan Companies Act

112. to 132. (Amendments)

Winding-up Act

133. to 161. (Amendments)

Payment Clearing And Settlement Act

Enactment of scheduled Act

162. The Payment Clearing and Settlement Act is enacted as set out in the schedule.

General, Related And Consequential Amendments

Canadian Payments Association Act

163. (Amendment)

Green Shield Canada Act

164. and 165. (Amendments)


166. (Repeal)

References to Winding-up Act

167. (1) (Amendments)

(2) A reference to the "Winding-up Act“ in any other Act or in any instrument issued, made or established under any Act shall, unless the context otherwise requires, be read as a reference to the ”Winding-up and Restructuring Act".

Coming Into Force

Coming into force


(Section 162)

(See Payment Clearing and Settlement Act)

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